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Anonymous: hello Nate. i'm interested in purchasing a schott leather jacket. a buddy of mine linked me to you. i love how your jacket fits. if you can recommend some to me, i would appreciate your help! i'm 5' 6" , 125lbs, 34" chest, 18.5" shoulders. thank you!

This is the question I really don’t like getting. If you have a jacket in mind then it would help immensely. Just giving me your measurements is not going to help. Trying to recommend you a jacket from the dozens of jackets in our catalog without knowing what your style is, what you look like and what’s your purpose is difficult. 

We get people coming into the store and the first thing they ask is, “I’m looking for a leather jacket.”

mattxtownsend: Hey man. Looking for your opinion. Which do you prefer: 626 or 626vn? Would I be correct to think the vn fits a little snugger?

We changed the design of the 626 to be able to use of a motorcycle. We’ve added the b-swing back to arm extension and gussets between the zipper on the sleeve. While doing this, we had to sacrifice some of the details that made the jacket fit slimmer. I would go down a size. The 626VN is the “aged” cowhide version using the older pattern of the 626. Yes, the 626VN does fit slimmer. Go true-to-size.

Anonymous: I was thinking about adding some pins to the lapel of my perfecto.I wanna know what your thought process was when you decided on yours. Thanks mate!


Anonymous: i walk around in a 618 sz 36 and i love it, its super comfortable and looks exactly how i want it to, slightly slim, not too long, but its a bit tight in the chest, right under my arms, waaay to tight with a hoodie underneath, i tried a 38 which was comfy but just looked too big. I'm looking at the 519 should i get a sz small or medium you think. I'm looking at medium but afraid it will be too big.

Wear it, break it in. All stress points start to loosen up first. Wait on the 519.

Anonymous: Hey nate. On the website the 519 looks a bit grey. Is it true black in person? Also, does the 519 have a star on each epaulette? Thanks in advance

It’s black and yes.

richardglod: Hi Nate, I really like the 519, but don't like the look of the snap stud on the center back. Is there a way to remove the stud without hurting the aesthetic of the jacket?

If you want a giant hole in the back of your jacket then go ahead. The snap on the back and two on the inside lapel is to add the Mouton fur collar.

Anonymous: hey there, is the alden captoe brogue boot that you have currently available anywhere?

It’s an Epaulet exclusive.

Anonymous: Hey Nate. Quick question. I was wondering if you knew when the next schott factory sale was going to be. I checked it out last year, but showed up late in the day. I would love to plan accordingly this time and hopefully pick something up. Thank you!

On Decmber 6th, 7:30AM-12:00PM. Doors open and close promptly.

Anonymous: Hey Nate quick question. How long does it take to break in a 613. Ive had this thing for a few months and its still kinda stiff. How long does it take until the leather becomes soft?

No exact time frame. Just wear it as much as you can.

spacejaws: Hey man, firstly its pretty cool of you to answer all these q's about fit and style. Now that I've softened the blow: I recently found a 80's perfecto (score!) and while denim is a flawless choice to pair it with, can you rec any trousers brands to class up the jacket. Anything 200 or less would be ideal (college budget) but I'm graduating soon hopefully these pants work at a job I can't wear my leather at. Thanks either way, btw I read your a fan of the beats, Kill Your Darlings is a cool flick

I can’t really recommend anything. Just try and keep the fit slim. If you have the right proportions then you’re fine. Leather jackets usually work better with darker colors.

Anonymous: Hey Nate. It looks like you get a lot of questions about 626, and I've got one too. I'm looking into 626vn, and wonder if the measurements for this version are the same as regular 626, since it's been washed and aged. I am 6'3", 180lbs, around 39.5 inches chest, athletic and lean. Will I be able to fit into a Medium, or should I go for a Large? I'd prefer it to fit somewhat slim.

The process of “vintage” is the same as a pre-processed pair of denim. It takes in water so the shrinkage of the jacket would make you a Large in the 626VN.

Anonymous: Hi Nate. Anonymous greetings from San Francisco! Have you had any experience with the Japanese commemorative "Rosie" jacket? I'm debating between that (size 38, should actually fit in between a US 34-36) and a 519 (xs). I'd like to squeeze into the trimmer of the two. 5' 7", 140 lbs, 36 chest, 16.5 shoulders, 24 arm length. Best, Anonymous.

You should be able to fit into the Small in the 519. The X-Small will be too tight. The “Rosie” fit is a smaller cut pattern made for the Japanese market. We remove the “underarm-footballs” to make the sleeves a bit slimmer but it’s based on the 613 model. I never tried it on but you would be a 36 or a 38 according to your measurements.

derrickbarreiro: Hey Nate! I'm looking to buy a 626 off a guy in my town that's very lightly worn. But I don't really trust him is there any tips you might have to spot a fake? Also it fits my shoulders great but it's a bit snug all around how much should I expect the leather to stretch? It's my first schott and I'm really excited but I haven't seen to many in person to call out a fake thanks in advance!!

Check the coin pocket for a white tag. It should have a numerical bar code, the size and model number. Then the inside cleaning tag should say Arrow Leathercare. If it doesn’t have a Made In The USA label under the main brand label, then it might be a European model.

Anonymous: Hey nate. Im looking for a perfecto and i decided on a 613 only i dont know what size to get. I read that yours is a size 34 which would not fit me for sure. Do you know what size james jeans is? His build is similar to mine and i really like the way his fits. Are his sleeves slimmed down like yours?

His size is 36. The sleeves have not been slimmed down. He can also fit into my jacket.

Entry 20 | 15th July 2014


Hey New York. Sorry, it’s been quite some time since I last wrote to you. Trust me when I say that I have more things to tell you about California but right now, with your continuous thunderstorms cooling down a hot and muggy city, you’re all that’s on my mind. Summer has come and it isn’t…